Bathe In Red Collection

Introducing our new line, Bathe In Red is the first time HDBNGR RVWR is including a base color. With implementing red, this is the new edition of the HDBNGR RVWR signature styles and gives us edge, versatility, and variety. Clothing for EVERY SIZE, EVERYONE, why not embrace the red. Inspired by tattooing, logos, and some badassery, we present you with our new line.
JUST NO. Debuted at Electric Zoo 2019, this style is versatile, unisex and makes a bold statement.
Viva en Rage N Dubstep.
Size: 18"
Hardstyle is one of the hardest genres and what better way to represent the Hardstyle movement by repping the new "Bathe In Red' new addition "This is Hardstyle." Available in ALL sizes.
Here's the perfect gift that keeps ion giving. With this HDBNGR RVWR credit card, you can bless someone with how awesome they are! :)

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