Welcome to HDBNGR RVWR

Posted by Alexiah Williams on

Hey, thanks for visiting my site. It took me a while to get here. You probably know me from my contribution to the EDM world or my crazy headbanging. But, since you're here, it's time to love yourself.

HDBNGR RVWR is about empowerment for men and women. Body confidence, everyone can learn from it! It's for people to feel like themselves again. Being a human today, we are always competing with each other. From likes on Instagram to criticizing our bodies, it's an ongoing battle and I know it's hard. But, I will guarantee you, it get's better.

As a teenager to about the age of 22, I was completely mortified over my body. From constantly comparing myself to women on television and girls at my school, it was daunting. I constantly felt rejected. It was something I didn't want to deal with it. It was until I wrote an article featured on Issue 37 of EDM World Magazine, that's when it clicked. It hit me that your body is a temple and in order to love yourself, it comes within. It reminded me of my first festival bra and how important it made me feel. It reminded me that I am beautiful and you are too! Whether it's taking a little extra time in the mirror or being your own hypeman, you got this. You are beautiful and whoever doesn't agree with that, shove them in a moshpit. With that note, welcome to HDBNGR RVWR, where all sizes matter and you are always loved here.

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